Daily Event Schedule:

Race Day Formats:

Summer Shootout Points Standings:

Racer Event Pricing:

Car Registration:

Per Day $30
Event Pass $100 (Aug 1st - Aug 4th)


Per Day $30
Event Pass $100 (Aug 1st - Aug 4th)

Transponder Fees:

Per Day $15
Event Pass $50 (Aug 1st - Aug 4th)

PAID Practice Sessions (OPTIONAL):

Per Day $50
Event Pass $100 (Aug 1st - Aug 4th)

Note: For those not wishing to purchase paid practice sessions, there will be two standard 10 minute practice sessions per division pre-race each day.

Registration for the Petty Raceway Summer Shootout is open and can be completed here

DRIVER ($30/day or $100/four day) and CAR ($30/day or $100/four day) fees will be required at time of registration; payments can be etransfered to registration@pettyraceway.com (taking payment for additional fees until July 31)

Registration and accompanying fees apply to ALL teams participating in the Summer Shootout.

Spectator Event Pricing:

General Admission (Main Gate):

Adults $15/day
Youth (8-18) $10/day
7 and under FREE

Pit Admission:

$30/day OR $100 for Event Pass (4 days)


SS & LM Tire Rules: 8 tires allowed for the entire 4 day event. Can be 8 new, 8 used or a combination of both. 


Please send all questions and inquiries to wayne@pettyraceway.com
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Thursday, August 1st
Friday, August 2nd
Saturday, August 3rd
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Sunday, August 4th