Westwood Estates Street Stocks 
30 Laps

1.  2  Chuck Mercer
2.  42 Mike Duskey
3.  55 Ryan Richard
4.  68 Michael Cormier
5.  1 James Matchett
6.  87 Nick Cudmore
7.  58 Logan Power
8.  2w Chris Wilson
9.  53 Bill Storey
10.  16 Caleb Layton
11.  01 Adam Lemon
12.  08 Curtis Moase
13.  47 Shawn Furlong

Heat Winners - 58 Logan Power
                      42 Mike Duskey
Limited Late Model 
75 Laps

1.  41 Dylan Blenkhorn
2.  11 Jordan Veinotte
3.  92 Neal Crawford
4.  3   Justin Beers
5.  92m Pete Miller
6.  03 Bert Cormier
7.  99 Phil Barkhouse Jr
8.  85 Ken Mackenzie Jr
9.  30 Marcel Leblanc
10. 33 Byron Bartlett

Heat Winners - 41 Dylan Blenkhorn
                      85 Ken Mackenzie Jr
Mister Transmission Mini Stock
25 Laps

1.  60 Mike Weagle
2.  0 Rob Poirier
3.  81 JR Lawson
4.  86 Tim Webster
5.  89 Mike Edwards
6.  00 Mike Savoie
7.  94 Deven Smith
8.  23 Mark Williams
9.  58 Bob Landry
10.  10 Patricia Taylor
11.  27 Guy Basque
12.  5  Scott Habkirk
13.  66 Chris Garnett
14.  55 Denis Morin
15.  18 Eugene Weagle
16.  46 Ryan McNight
17.  78 Buddy Geldart
18.  29 Jeffrey Davidson (DNS)

Heat Winners - 10 Patricia Taylor
                       0 Rob Poirier
MetalCore/DR Scrap Metals 3rd Annual Night of Destruction - July 8, 2017
Jesse Thompson
Photo Gallery
Leisure Days RV Centre Bandolero
20 Laps

1.  12 Sam Rogers
2.  27 Austin MacDonald
3.  18 Josh Langille
4.  44 Nathan Blackburn
5.  3   Nathan Langille
6.  11 Koven Lewis
7.  87 Danny Chisholm
8.  66 Owen Mahar
9.  10 Evan Lane
10.  0 Tanton Wooldridge
11.  03 Colton Noble
12.  61 Tanner MacLean

Heat Winners - 44 Nathan Blackburn
                      18 Josh Langille
Atlantic Modified Tour
35 Laps

1.  98 Mike Raeburn
2.  75 Doug Matchett
3.  17 Joe Hoyt
4.  64 Paul Costain
5.  1 Greg Butler
6.  12 Steven Curtis

Heat Winner - 98 Mike Raeburn
Demolition Derby

777 Trevor Smith
The weather was beautiful and the fans came out in droves for the annual DR Scrap Metals / MetalCore Night Of Destruction at Petty International Raceway. 5 divisions were in action to accompany a trio of great demo events throughout the evening.

The Leisure Days RV Bandoleros were in action for the first time since opening day with Lower Onslow's Sam Rogers wheeling his IceMan #12 to victory lane, with the help of some quick moves through traffic. Austin MacDonald had a great run, bringing his King Freight Lines #27 to the runner up spot. Josh Langille held the lead early and capped off the podium. Nathan Blackburn finished 4th, with Nathan Langille following in 5th. Josh Langille and Nathan Blackburn were heat race winners earlier in the evening.

The Mister Transmission Mini Stock feature saw a full field take to the track with former track champion Mike Weagle ending up with the checkers following 25 laps. Rob Poirier of Irishtown and JR Lawson also ended up on the podium. It was a caution-free event for a 17 car field. Tim Webster was 4th and Mike Edwards capped off the top 5. Poirier and Weagle's teammate Patricia Taylor were heat winners.

The Westwood Estates Street Stock feature nearly went to Nick Cudmore, who had a strong run going. Contact with a fellow competitor opened up the door for Chuck Mercer to finally get that first street stock win. Mercer broke an axle in practice and made heavy contact with the turn two wall, making this recovery to a win even more special. Mike Duskey and Ryan Richard made up the top 3. Michael Cormier was a close 4th, trading paint with Richard in the waning laps and James Matchett, in Tom Nicholls' car, finished 5th in another great run. Duskey and Logan Power were heat winners.

The Atlantic Modified Tour was also in action with one miscue in the beginning involving Doug Matchett. Following that, it was a clean and green 35 lap affair. Four time series champion Mike Raeburn made quick work of the field and ended up with the checkers. Matchett recovered for 2nd, running out of laps to catch Raeburn. Joe Hoyt ran 3rd over Paul Costain, the winner on opening day and Greg Butler and Steven Curtis. Raeburn was the heat winner.

In a rare appearance outside of a Pro Stock, Parts For Trucks Pro Stock point leader Dylan Blenkhorn piloted the Craig McFetridge owned 41 and dominated the 75 lap feature, facing challenges from Jordan Veinotte, Kenny MacKenzie Jr and rookie Justin Beers. Blenkhorn held on to take the victory over Veinotte and Neil Crawford, who finally got to the podium in a Limited Late Model. Justin Beers led early before finishing 4th. Pete Miller ended up 5th overall.

The 3rd annual demolition events capped off the night, with Merv Lemon winning both the backwards and barrel race that preceded the main event. Trevor Smith outlasted the field with no power steering to be the last car (van in this case) standing and pocketed a thousand dollars for his efforts. Both are no strangers to racing as Lemon ran a Modified last season while Smith formerly ran a Lightning car at Scotia Speedworld.

The next event is the Irving Blending & Packaging double header weekend. Limited Late Models will go 100 laps Friday July 21 along with Street Stocks and Mini Stocks at 730. July 22 will see 150 laps for the Pro Stocks along with the Maritime League Of Legends and Bandoleros, beginning at 6PM. Be sure to bring a non perishable food item for the grandstands and lower the price to $10.