Westwood Estates Street Stocks 
50 Laps

1. 58 Logan Power
2. 68 Michael Cormier
3. 87 Nick Cudmore
4. 55 Ken Mackenzie Jr
5. 47 Mike Duskey
6. 08 Curtis Moase
7. 19 Brandon Carter

Heat Winners - 68 Michael Cormier
AE McKay Builders LM Sportsman
50 Laps

1. 11 Jordan Veinotte
2. 10 Brady Creamer
3. 53 Laurie Cormier
4. 85 Ken MacKenzie Jr
5. 92 Neal Crawford
6. 88 Luc Bourgeois
7. 14 Andrew Rodgers
8. 3 Justin Beers
9. 05 Fred Schofield
10. 30 Marcel Leblanc
11. 03 Stephane Leblanc

Heat Winner - 85 Ken Mackenzie Jr
                     53 Laurie Cormier
Mister Transmission Mini Stock
25 Laps

1. 30 Chantel Ackles
2. 81 JR Lawson
3. 0 Rob Poirier
4. 10 Patricia Taylor
5. 45 Travis Keefe
6. 33 Trevor Smith
7. 46 Ryan McKnight
8. 85 Adam Cormier
9. 60 Mike Weagle
10. 18 Eugene Weagle
11. 55 Denis Morin
12. 66 Chris Garnett

Heat Winners - 81 JR Lawson
                       0 Rob Poirier
MetalCore/D.R. Scrap Metals 'Night of Destruction' w/ Bando, Mini, Street, AMT, LM - July 7, 2018:
Atlantic Modified Tour
35 Laps

1. 91 Braxton Stafford
2. 1 Greg Butler
3. 58 Yves McCray
4. 75 Doug Matchett
5. 17 Joe Hoyt
6. 12 Steven Curtis
7. 14 Kevin Brideau
8. 48 Kevin Bailey
9. 88 John Lyons
10. 98 Mike Raeburn
11. 81 Cody Price

Heat Winner - 81 Cody Price
                     48 Kevin Bailey
Leisure Day/CRC RV Bandolero 
20 Laps

1. 12 Sam Rogers
2. 18 Josh Langille
3. 03 Colton Noble
4. 3 Nathan Langille
5. 66 Owen Mahar
6. 0 Tanton Wooldridge
7. 10 Evan Lane
8. 8 Dawson Noble
9. 87 Danny Chisholm
10. 53 Kelsea Lewis
11. 24 Ayden Christensen

Heat Winner - 18 Josh Langille
                     12 Sam Rogers
Barrell Race

81 Cody Price
Backwards Race

71 Merv Lemon
Blindfold Race

444 Jordan Leblanc
Demolition Derby

92 Ryan Crawford
Petty International Raceway was back in action Saturday for the first time in a month with the DR Scrap Metals / Metalcore Night Of Destruction. This annual night of racing capped off with a demo event always thrills the fans and brings out first time fans to the high banks.

Four divisions were in action with the Leisure Days RV Bandoleros, the Mister Transmission Mini Stocks, the Westwood Estates Street Stocks and the AE McKay Builders Late Model Sportsman division.

In our Bandolero division, it was Sam Rogers and Josh Langille once again going at it for the top spot in a packed field of entries, with Rogers getting the upper hand at the checkers. Langille would hold on for 2nd while Colton Noble had a strong run to end up third. Nathan Langille would post a great finish with Owen Mahar capping off the top 5. Heat wins went to Sam Rogers and Josh Langille.

In the Mister Transmission Mini Stocks, Chantel Ackles finally showed the guys how it's done with a dominant performance for the checkers in the 25 lap feature. JR Lawson could not catch her in the late stages and settled for 2nd while Rob Poirier came home 3rd.

Our Westwood Estates Street Stocks went 50 more laps in another big event for 2018 with Logan Power of Riverview dominating the event. Fumes couldn't hold back Michael Cormier from a great runner up finish and Nick Cursor rounded out the top 3. It was an overall clean event for the division.

The Atlantic Modified Tour was back in action with a full field of race cars. After a heat win and a demo event win, Cody Price looked to be in dominant fashion our front before transmission issues arose with a handful of laps remaining. This paved the way for Braxton Stafford of Blackville to park his #91 in Victory Lane, along with Greg Butler rebounding from a practice incident for 2nd and Yves McCray returning to racing for a top 3 run.

Capping off our feature events was the AE McKay Builders Late Model Sportsman division. It looked like Kenny MacKenzie Jr would finally rebound after some bad luck and win in 2018, but contact with Justin Beers kept the driver out of victory lane.

Jordan Veinotte however proved he is a force to be reckoned with this season as he cruised to victory over Brady Creamer and Laurie Cormier.

The next event for Petty International Raceway is the Maritime Car Wash Street Stock 100 on July 20. Fans will get a 10$ admission with the donation of food to the Salisbury Helping Hand Food Drive. That event kicks off at 730pm.