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Events held Petty International Raceway that are sanctioned by a touring division are generally governed by rules imposed by the sanctioning body - so they are not listed here. Races run by us will be governed by the following rules...

Generally speaking changes are in red, however this may not be all inclusive - you still need to read, and abide by, the rules in their entirety.

2015 Pro Stock: tba

2015 Sportsman: click here (posted March 4, 2015)

2015 Street Stock: click here (posted March 4, 2015)

2015 Mini Stock: click here (posted March 4, 2015)

PLEASE NOTE The pit age limit is 18 years or older. Special rules and legal considerations apply for Minor Participants (14 to 17 years old) including advance execution of Parental Consent forms by BOTH parents or legal guardians. Click here for complete details.


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