Results - Petty International Raceway, August 22

RIVER GLADE, NB (August 23, 2014) - Petty International Raceway was in action Friday evening for the first half of the 50th annual River Glade International event. Complete unofficial results follow...

NAPA/CMAX SPORTSMAN (Jones Auto Body 100 - a River Glade International event)
1. Russell Smith Jr.
2. Laurie Cormier
3. Alexandra O'Blenis
4. Dave O'Blenis
5. Colby Smith
6. Remi Gaudet
7. Harry Ross White
8. Ken MacKenzie Sr.
9. Chris Cormier
10. Denis Mallet
11. Wade Slauenwhite
12. Luc Bourgeois
13. Dan Bourque
14. Marc Williams
15. Richard Salter
16. Matt Maillet
17. Phil Barkhouse
18. Byron Bartlett
19. Shawn MacLean
20. Doug White
21. Fred Schofield

Laps Led: Maillet (6), Cormier (26), Smith Jr. (68)
Heat Race Winners: Maillet, L. Cormier, C. Cormier

1. Alexandra O'Blenis
2. Martin Landry
3. Nick Cudmore
4. Ken MacKenzie Jr.
5. Bob Prosser
6. Gary Wade
7. Shawn Lewis
8. Marshall Barry
9. Joel Clancy
10. Mike Duskey
11. Eric Matthews
12. Steve Scully

Laps Led: Cudmore (4), Duskey (21), O'Blenis (5)
Heat Race Winners: Barry, Cudmore

1. Braden Langille
2. Cole Tanner
3. Cory Hall
4. Ashton Tucker
5. Adam Meehan
6. MacKenzie Brewer
7. Courtney O'Blenis
8. Levi Rossiter
9. Michael Cormier
10. Hudson Westin
11. Wyatt McCulloch
12. Joshua Langille
13. Danny Chisholm
Laps Led: Tanner (1). Langille (24)
Heat Race Winners: Langille, Tanner

Petty International Raceway is back in action Saturday (August 23) for the second half of the 50th running of the River Glade International, Canada's oldest stock car race. The cars and stars of the Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour will be on hand for the Atlantic Dodge Dealers 150 along with the Mister Transmission Mini Stock and the Atlantic Tiltload Challenge, a 50-lap feature for the Maritime League of Legends. Racing starts at 6 p.m.

To learn more about the history of the River Glade International please click here.

About Petty International Raceway:
Petty International Raceway is located on Highway 106, just 40 km west of Moncton, New Brunswick. To learn more about Petty International Raceway, its location, admission, policies, history, and more, please visit To get current updates delivered to you directly please follow us on Twitter.

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