Petty International Raceway presents

2011 Year in Review

Photos by Ray Brown,

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IMG_0668_0829 IMG_0690_0851 IMG_0694_0855 IMG_0771_0931 IMG_1010_6074z IMG_1020_1171 IMG_1026_1177 IMG_1074_1228 IMG_1101_1255 IMG_1152_1305 IMG_1234_6259 IMG_1267_1870 IMG_1288_1891 IMG_1317_1920 IMG_1354_1957 IMG_1386_1989 IMG_1431_2032 IMG_1507_2108 IMG_1547_6555 IMG_1610_1799 IMG_2690_5658 IMG_2727_5695 IMG_7200_2744 IMG_7275_2818 IMG_7295_2838 IMG_8505_8089 IMG_8690_8273 IMG_8727_4106 IMG_8851_4188 IMG_8892_8386 IMG_8934_0500 IMG_8935_0501 IMG_8937_8431 IMG_8974_0532 IMG_8976_0534 IMG_9002_4284 IMG_9193_8683 IMG_9221_0378 IMG_9223_0380 IMG_9224_0381 IMG_9225_0382 IMG_9227_0384 IMG_9228_0385 IMG_9231_0387 IMG_9233_0388 IMG_9275_0419 IMG_9280_0421 IMG_9291_0431 IMG_9344_4371 IMG_9349_0474 IMG_9363_0486 IMG_9368_0490 IMG_9375_0497 IMG_9419_8909 IMG_9424_8914 IMG_9429_8919 IMG_9606_4621 IMG_9617_1584 IMG_9640_1607 IMG_9646_1613 IMG_9652_4667 IMG_9660_1627 IMG_9662_1629 IMG_9667_1634 IMG_9670_1637 IMG_9670_4685 IMG_9678_4693 IMG_9696_4711 IMG_9703_1670 IMG_9726_4740 IMG_9738_1705 IMG_9780_4794 IMG_9794_1760 IMG_9803_1769 IMG_9811_1777 IMG_9820_1786 IMG_9821_4835 IMG_9825_4839 IMG_9834_4848

Staff and management at Petty International Raceway look forward to seeing you in 2012! Click [here] to see our expanded schedule.

Petty International Raceway is located on Highway 106, just 40 km west of Moncton, New Brunswick. To learn more about Petty International Raceway, its location, admission, policies, history, and more, please visit To receive current updates please follow us on Twitter (@pettyraceway_nb).

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