Expected Entries - July 1, 2011 | Sportsman

The following drivers have registered to race in the sportsman division at Petty International Raceway on July 1 when they share the stage with Man the Daredevil/Paul Riddell and the 4-cylinders. The sportsman feature will be 50 laps and will pay $1,000 to the winner.

    1. Joe Hoyt, NB
    2. Mike Power Jr, NB
    3. Ron Lane, NB
    4. Marc Williams, NB
    5. Brian Northrup, NS
    6. Shawn McLean, NB
    7. Glyn Nott, NB
    8. Kyle Campbell, NB
    9. Dan Bourque, NB
    10. Shawn Hyslop, NB
    11. Marc Gautreau, NB
    12. Matt Rodgers, NB
    13. Marcel Maillet, NB
    14. Mac O'Blenis, NB
    15. Dave O'Blenis, NB
    16. Fred Schofield, NS
    17. Luc Bourgeois, NB
    18. Kevin Carroll, NB
    19. Jim Duke, NB
    20. Byron Bartlett, NB
    21. Paul Burke, NB
    22. Chris Cormier, NB
    23. Cory Collins, NS
    24. Graham Hamm, NS
    25. Richard Sauter, NS
    26. Joey Livingstone, NS
    27. Steve Seveck, NB
    28. Mat Maillet, NB
    29. Calvin Rankin, NB
    30. Colby Smith, NS

Expected entry list is subject to change without notice.

Registrations should be emailed to us at [registration@pettyraceway.com]. Please be sure to include your name, phone number, email address, car number, and model of car.

Rules for the sportsman division can be found [here].

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