Racers Only | 2011 Rules

Events held Petty International Raceway that are sanctioned by a touring division are generally governed by rules imposed by the sanctioning body - so they are not listed here. Races run by us will be governed by the following rules...

Carnahan Property Management 150 | September 24, 2011

Pro Stock: Maritime Pro Stock Tour series rules will govern the event with the following exception: cars running an open shock will have a 75 lb. weight penalty. Pro stock teams planning to enter the event are asked to advise in advance by calling Ellen at 902.876.7065 (daytime) or 902.876.0397 (evening).

Sportsman: Teams can run rules from the following three organizations: Scotia Speedworld, Speedway 660, or Napa Sportsman Super Series, with the following exception/s: Cars with crate engines need to run Speedway 660 rules; a durometer rule of 50 hot will apply to all tires. Sportsman teams are asked to register in advance by emailing your name, car number, hometown, and daytime phone number to registration.

Street Stock: Speedway 660 rules.

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